About Our School


Welcome to
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We want our children to learn and grow in a nurturing and stimulating school atmosphere where academic achievement and personal well-being are equally respected. We want to provide a better understanding of every child’s needs and we want to have an exciting and lively program for our students so that they can aspire to do their very best. You are welcome to come in and inquire about our school and arrange a tour.


Mr. E. Owusu


What Makes us

Sometimes children don’t learn the normal way we teach, so we switch our teaching methods and teach the way they learn.

We understand that learning and development occur both in and outside the regular classroom. we also provide an array of activities that make learning fun and exciting for every student

Why Choose Us.

Choosing the right school for your child is a big decision, and we know you want the best possible learning environment for your child. Because Victorious Tiny Angels School is a small school, we can focus on each student and offer him/her the tools and resources to succeed. We think you will be extremely happy with the various opportunities you will find at Victorious Tiny Angels School